If you landed here, we likely met in the street and I gave you a card. My name is Karel. I like walking in the street to take pictures of people and places. I try to capture unusual situations, unfiltered emotions, or the mood of a place.

I know you haven’t asked to be photographed, and I understand it can be off-putting. That’s what the card is about; I prefer to share my work with you rather than hiding behind my camera and keeping it to myself. If you like the shot, I’ll be happy to send you a copy or even get it printed for you. If you hate it and don’t want me to publish it, I won’t. This project is my way to thank you for making the shot possible in the first place; and why not make a new friend.

There is a handwritten number on the card which corresponds to the picture I took of you. Simply send that number in an email to hi@mycameraremembersyou.com. Not all the shots I take are great. Sometimes they are really bad. But I will send it to you no matter what. And if you feel like writing something to me, I’d love to read it 🙂